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To get access to The Social Invincibility Program, you must agree to the following rules:

Do not abuse the power and ability that this program will give you. Many clients are tempted to go wild when they see the new impact that they have on people. However you must agree to be respectful and reasonable to get access to The Social Invincibility Program.

Do not share this program with men who may have bad intentions. It's important to me to help guys who are genuine and truly wanting to improve themselves. My methods of leveraging your body language, vocal tonality and sub-communication also work for power-hungry people, but I want The Social Invincibility Program to be an advantage that’s only available to good guys.

If you are very recently out of a relationship, be sure that your intentions are good before beginning The Social Invincibility Program. I believe it’s always best to have honorable intentions when on the dating scene. If you are bitter or resentful from a recent break up, it can be easy to abuse the power that comes with the program.

Do not use this program to "get back at someone." I designed the Social Invincibility Program to help people create a powerful presence, and become completely confident in public and not to get retribution against a specific person. While some people have used the high-status techniques in the course for this purpose, my goal is only to help people feel socially invincible and this is not something I support.

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