Develop A Commanding Voice That
Attracts Women and Intimidates Men
Once you decide to make your voice stronger, you will have these ADVANTAGES:
  •   Your face will be seen as more attractive (a whopping 58% increase in men).
  •   You will be immediately be viewed as being more trustworthy.
  •   You will effortlessly command respect and attention each time you speak.
  •   Men with strong voices have more success in business as well as earn more money than         those who do not.
  •   People percieve you as being more dominate. When meeting new people in a sales or               business environment, this is statistically impacting on your success.
  •   If you're a man, you will get more attention from women (women are predisposed to pay more   attention to commanding voices).

*Data from studies listed below indicate a statistically significant probability that the above statements are correct. 

**Cited studies: (1) Zuckerman et al., 1991, (2) Collins, S. A. 2000., (3) Smith, D. S., Jones, B. C., Feinberg, D. R., & Allan, K. (2012)

What People Are Saying About The Program
R.T. - New York City
  • "...I've seen real, measurable increases in my interactions, face to face...on the phone and in interviews."
  • "...(other vocal programs were) a lot of the same information."
  • "..I would highly recommend this program..."
A.P. - Dallas Texas
  • "...when I'm out in public I now get a lot more attention from women."
  • "...when I go to start a conversation it seems much more easy to engage."
  • "..I'm keeping their attention now...and feel like theres a new level of attraction there."
What You Will Learn &
How Your Voice Will Change
  •   Command respect using only your voice
  •   Engage your audience and hold their attention
  •   Peak engagement by utilizing a dynamic voice
  •   Project your voice, articulate clearly and utilize a     rythmic tempo of delivery
  •   Leverage your body language and positioning to     maximize the impact of your message
  •   Deepen your voice
  •   Get the attention and peak the attraction of those     whom you have a romantic interest in
  •   Find our own personal peak vocal resonance           which you then will be able to use in challanging     environments as you see fit.
  •   Position yourself as a leader and someone who       can be looked to for direction and authority
  •   Decrease the chance that someone will challenge   or disagree with you simply by using this specific     tonality
  •   Become comfortable speaking in public and to         groups
  •   Eliminate high-pitch, stressed, nasal-sounding         voice
  •   Eliminate any tendency to speak with a monotone   tonality
  •   Gain a mastery of vocal tonality. This will afford       you the unique ability to ALWAYS speak in the         most effective tone, while others are left guessing   how you do it. 
100% Ultra-HD Audio Quality
Listen Anywhere
Completely audio based,  this program was recorded with ultra-HD microphones providing flawless audio quality. You can listen while you work out, travel, drive or any other time you can rock your ear buds.
Common Questions 
Answered In The Program
  •    What if I was born with a weak / high pitch voice?
  •    I don't get a lot of respect at work, what can I do to                  command it?
  •    What if I have a hard time getting and keeping people's            attention?
  •    What if I have a pretty solid voice but want to maximize my      potential?
  •    What if I feel people don't respect me in business or public?
"I would be honored to coach you into your success"          - Barron
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